Winter Wellness Challenge

Starts January 22nd at Sweat Like A Girl
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Winter Wellness Challenge

Starts January 22nd at Sweat Like A Girl
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What is the Winter Wellness Challenge?

The Winter Wellness Challenge is an all-in-one program designed to kickstart your health in 28 days.

It’s open to women in the Nazareth area who want to work hard, have fun, and achieve rapid physical results.

Our approach is simple, yet comprehensive, and includes everything you need to stay on track:

  • 4 weeks of training at Sweat Like A Girl
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Weekly bonus opportunities
  • VIP Facebook group
  • Opportunity to win prizes
  • Expert support and accountability

The Winter Wellness Challenge starts on January 22nd at Sweat Like A Girl in Nazareth. Register now to claim your spot!

Challenge Benefits
Super Strength
Our workouts will transform you into a lean mean fitness monster.
Energy Boost
You’ll wake up every day with a lightning blast of energy.
Fat Burn
You’ll fire up your metabolism and melt away those “problem areas”.
Brain Power
You’ll wash away your mental fog with better nutrition and sleep.
Minds Blown
Your friends’ heads will explode when they see your Before & After photos.
100% Positivity
You’ll be high-fived and fist-bumped by other awesome participants.
Registration Options
The Winter Wellness Challenge is open to anyone in the Nazareth area (including current and new members of Sweat Like A Girl). We’ll provide all the support you need to train consistently, eat well, and optimize your lifestyle.

Current Members

  • Before & after assessment
  • Opportunity to win prizes!
  • Challenge prep guide
  • Daily tracking sheet
  • Nutritional resources
  • Online leaderboard
  • Facebook group
  • Expert support
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New Members

  • 4 weeks of group classes at Sweat Like A Girl
  • Before & after assessment
  • Opportunity to win prizes!
  • Challenge prep guide
  • Daily tracking sheet
  • Nutritional resources
  • Online leaderboard
  • Facebook group
  • Expert support
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Our Happy Members

I’ve never made it longer than 2 weeks when attempting previous fitness adventures at other gyms so I was surprised when I realized that I’ve been going to SLAG faithfully for a whole year!

I actually look forward to my gym days…seriously, I LOVE going to SLAG and never knew working out could be so fun! I have a new love for fitness and have never felt stronger. And it’s so refreshing to not feel judged here, everyone’s super supportive of each other!

The instructors are AMAZING! They are always helpful, encouraging & inspiring! I’m so thankful that Heather followed her dream and brought SLAG to life…I’m pretty sure that the little sanity that I have left is because of Sweat Like A Girl. LOVE this gym

Carey A.


I hate gyms! Hate them! That is until this one… I hike, bike, kayak and thought I was in decent shape for a woman on the other side of her mid 40’s. Sweat like a Girl reinforced that on some level, but now with every workout, I find myself pushing harder and further in different ways, trying new things and working out my body in different ways than what I new possible.

Don’t spend your time or money on other gyms, please…. This is a great, fun, supportive and non-competitive environment (unless you’re competing with yourself ). Try one class, just one, and I can guarantee you, you will be hooked!

Alice K.


Love it! Totally addicted! Instructors rock! You will leave wanting more and they go out of their way to cater to us women. Been going for 3 weeks and I don’t know if I’ll ever stop! It’s a 35 min. drive for me, but I don’t think twice about the distance for something that truly feeds my body and mind.

Angela H.


Being a guy, I only go to SLAG for special events, like the many charitable events organized by Heather Gidusko. I am a triathlete but can honestly say that I can learn a lot from Heather and her awesome instructor team. These girls will bring you many laughs and whip you into shape before you know it!!! If you are a girl, I highly recommend you look into it…this is unique in the Lehigh Valley…they have classes for everyone, every level and I believe that the first class is free…

Philippe B.


Really good group workouts. Goes fast because you’re actually having fun, sometimes I end up staying for 1 or 2 more classes just because! No worries, no judgments, come as you are, take control of your health and I highly recommend doing it here!!!

Anne M.


Started about 2 months ago! Love all the different types of work outs this gym offers! Heather is just awesome! High energy and funny as hell! So happy to be going here even though it a 1/2 hour drive from my house!

Jackie B.


I love this place so much, the staff is incredible and all my insecurities are left at the door! My only issue is not knowing about it sooner!!! Simply becoming my second home!

Bee M.


Challenge Partners

Nutritionist, Trisha Mandes, MPHN

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Winter Wellness Challenge?
It’s an innovative fitness program designed to transform your body, supercharge your energy, and improve your overall wellness. It starts January 22nd at Sweat Like A Girl in Nazareth.
Who can register?

It’s open to women of all ages, fitness levels, and body types. Our expert coaches will help you modify each workout according to your individual ability and goals.

When can I train?

Participants will have access to our entire group training schedule. We have multiple class options every day.


What will I get?
In addition to the training program, you’ll get a prep guide, daily tracking sheet, online leaderboard, nutritional resources, access to our Facebook group, and unlimited support.
Will I get results?
Our goal is to help you lose 1-2 lbs. of body fat per week, which is the safest and most sustainable approach. You’ll also get stronger and feel more energetic throughout the day.
Do I need to sign a contract?
Nope! All you need to do is commit for the challenge for 28 days. There are no contracts, hidden fees, etc.

Sweat Like A Girl

311 B Industrial Drive
Nazareth, PA 18020

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